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KetoConnect – By far my favorite people in the keto community! When I first started this way of eating this dynamic duo was my go-to for all things ketogenic.  In their relaxed and inviting manner they helped me understand the key components of the diet and through their many videos I found answers to almost all of the questions I had in the beginning. Their pizza recipes were the first ones I tried and I credit them for showing me that cooking keto could be fun and easy.  I call them my “Keto Kids”, because after spending hours with them through video, I feel like they are family members.  Thank you so much Matt and Megha for the time and effort you put in to making content that helps so many people.  Libby’s Keto Network is a testimony to your ability to influence and inspire others to become keto advocates!

My Favorite Connections with KetoConnect

Instagram:  9 minutes at 9:00 a.m. each day – So fun!  A relaxed chat time when they answer questions and share some of what’s going on with  Some of the best times are when their “kids” Julius and Miley get some screen time.

YouTube: This is where my journey with them started. There are hours of enjoyable videos with recipes, tips, and plain fun keto stuff.  Don’t miss their live Sunday segment when they invite us to cook along with them. Lots of great information to be gleaned as they answer live questions from viewers.  This segment is also available on Facebook live.

Cookbook:   Keto Made Easy – Fantastic, quality cookbook with some of the best recipes in the Keto community. I love that they are relatively simple and so well formatted for those of us who might be a bit kitchen-challenged.   I know of people who just use this cookbook to make their first few weeks of meals when beginning keto.  Don’t miss their Fat Bomb Bible available as an ebook from their website.

From  “KetoConnect provides a global hub for people looking to transform their lives using the ketogenic lifestyle. We are committed to publishing helpful resources, developing delicious recipes, and offering friendly advice to people striving to live healthier, happier lives. Matt and Megha founded KetoConnect in 2016 after they realized their results from the keto diet were too good not to share. Their fun personalities and laid-back lifestyle make learning about nutrition enjoyable for everyone.
Follow KetoConnect on InstagramFacebookYouTube and Twitter where we share the latest ketogenic research, our favorite recipes, and answer all of your questions about dietary fat, calories, fiber, and sweeteners. Tune in every morning at 9am EST for our Live Q&A on Instagram and listen to the Keto for Normies podcast where we have inspiring, in-depth conversations with other members of the low-carb community”


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