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When I was a kid, my mom and dad would  load up the trailer and we would head out on various road trips.  We would travel to the east coast, west coast, Florida Keys, and my favorite – the southwest region of the United States.  Often on a long stretch of highway I would ask my dad how long it would take us to get to our destination.  Sometimes he would have me take out the road atlas and I would use the little map wheel to get an idea of the miles. At other times he would just point out the mile marker sign that we had just passed and tell me what the mile marker would say when we arrived at our next stop.  I would then look for the next sign, then the next,  the next, and the next-it would keep me occupied for miles.

On my Keto journey I have some fun mile markers already:

The first time the pee strip was pink – proving to myself  I was in Ketosis; the first time I had forgotten to eat a meal; the first fifteen pounds of weight loss; and of course the day I went into “Onederland” (when I dropped below 200 lbs). In addition there was the day I donated all of my larger clothes and all the diet books I had read over the years..

In July of this year I hit the one year anniversary of my Keto way of eating.  It was a huge milestone for me. It was exciting to me that not only had I lost so much weight, but had stuck to a plan for a whole year.  Along the way I had come to realize that Keto had become not only a lifestyle, but a passion to help others to achieve their health goals.

To mark the occasion I recorded a couple of videos to share my progress with my family and friends and to invite them to reach out to me if they felt I could help them in their Keto journey.  I  was pleasantly surprised with how many reached out to me and it became a catalyst in bringing this website to fruition.  I’m sorry to say that the originals of these videos were lost when I transitioned to a new phone, but they are still available on my facebook page if you are interested. See the links below.

I do hope one day you will share YOUR Ketoversary celebrations on our network.  Perhaps you already have some.  Share them with us on the forum, or email me .  I would love to share them so we can celebrate with you!

Ketoversary Video 1 – Facebook Link

Ketoversary Video 2 – The Offer

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