Last Minute Halloween Ideas

In a couple of days, it will be Halloween.  I’ve never been one to think of it as a holiday in the same vein as Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter, but I do know there are a lot of people who enjoy all the festivities that surround it – especially the candy.

Some of you who have little ones might be tempted to indulge in what the kids bring home and some of you will no doubt have the opportunity for treats at your workplace.  One way to combat the temptation is to have your own low-carb alternatives available. I know it’s a bit last minute, but I wanted to give you some options that might work to keep your Halloween a bit more Keto friendly this year.

For some fun Halloween treats, check out the KetoConnect Halloween Mummies and Leanne Vogel’s blog on some unique offerings for all your spooky events.

Some miscellaneous candy recipes I’ve tried are Matt’s Chocolate Bars at KetoConnect and Dr. Berg’s Candied Pecans.  Both were awesome!  If you like coconut, one of our own website admins, Pam ( suggests the Coconut Crack Bar  from the

If you are up for a bit of experimenting, there are lots of Keto Gummy recipes available on the internet. Recently I used a recipe from Leanne Vogel’s  great book, The Keto Diet.   While I couldn’t find a YouTube clip for it, I wanted to give her a shout out because the recipe was simple and tasty and her book was one of the first ones I read in my keto journey.  Pick it up sometime soon, but until then, begin your perfect gummy search on our candy playlist here.

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If you want to pick up sugar free candy premade, please be very sure you are checking the ingredients.  Most of the tastiest ones are made with maltitol, but please know that it is an ingredient that elicits the same glucose/insulin spike that regular sugar would.  And remember, these are treats-take in the carb count when considering your macros for the day.

One of the best candy bars I have found is Lily’s Chocolate Crunch-similar to a Nestle’s Crunch, it has a well balanced sweetness even though it has Stevia which is usually not my favorite.  So far I’ve only seen them at Sprouts, but I usually pick  a couple up every time I go.


Check out our Candy Playlist for more candy ideas and be sure to have a fun, safe and KETO Halloween!




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